Resource Videos

    • China at a Crossroads - This is a three hour webinar co-sponsored by MLI and other think tanks in the US on China. All three hours are worth watching. Each of them have a panel of experts and one of them has a rep from the USIRF Committee and Irwin Cotler.
    • Jewish students facing hatred - Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish celebration. It is to be a time of joy. Unfortunately for many Jewish university students, as we come into Rosh Hashanah, this year was also a time of experiencing hatred, including disturbing run-ins with professors! Students speak out…..
    • Legal Restrictions to Religious Freedom in Brunei - The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has done a series of excellent reports on specific nations and their activities on religious freedom. Here is a recent Spotlight episode on Brunei
    • Opposing Mandated Vaccines - A variety of Members of the European Parliament are saying what Canadian leaders should be saying - see esp the message by Christine Anderson beginning at 3:30.
    • Sindhi, Pakistan - Nothing could be worse for parents than to have their daughters kidnapped, raped and stolen from them. I took part in a webinar talking about the impact of these all too often violations in Sindhi province, Pakistan.
    • UN HRC 45 Side Event: China Bans Faith for All Children - This event, which featured both expert speakers as well as survivors of persecution in China, seeks to inform international activists about China’s violations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child with regards to the rights to religious freedom.