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Hey, it’s been an EXCITING WEEK ON THE COVID FRONT, with the added bonus that we no longer have to listen to Neil Young’s music.

The trucker convoy across this nation is bringing people together in a way that nothing else has in the past decade. We see some governments beginning, just barely beginning, to acknowledge that the last year’s COVID restrictions are not working. Hopefully the convoy will push the federal government into more reasonable positions.

And finally, as the convoy has crossed the country, we see voices standing up and pushing back on the name calling and miserable, hateful rhetoric of Justin Trudeau and his pet media outlets.

It is no surprise that the truckers have been received with enthusiasm all across the country. They have kept us supplied for the last 2 years and they deserve our appreciation. Now they are asking for our help.

There is nothing like a national grass roots movement to energize citizens. People are beyond sick and tired of the restrictions that failed to prevent COVID. Canadians are fired up, they are now engaged, and they are encouraging each other. It’s easy to support the call to reinforce and rebuild our freedoms – these are freedoms that will help us to prosper both personally and economically.

Canadians want their freedom and their mental health back again. We all want to have some hope for the future.

And that is what the truckers are providing. The curtailment of personal freedoms, which are epitomized by the cross border requirements, needs to end.

Communities should be dropping mandates, government removing emergency orders, health officials losing the unlimited powers they have wielded.

There will be death throes from the left – as the fear fades, union leaders who failed to defend their workers will try to create distractions. Politicians who failed to lead will make excuses. Medical authorities who had power far beyond their capabilities will not relinquish it easily.

But common sense is starting to make a comeback – it is infectious, in a good way.

The reaction of the national media and political ‘elites’ was entirely predictable. As the convoy idea began to take shape, sly innuendos appeared on social media by friends of Trudeau’s government. It was interesting the source – some of Trudeaus oldest friends and largest recipients of his generosity.

Then shortly after, the competence and motives of the organizers began to be questioned. The subtle ‘Who are these people? Are they really ok? Why would they be doing this?’ began.

Once the convoy hit the highways, the misdirection by the mainstream media began– stories irrelevant to the issue began to distract from it (one of them talking about how a provincial convoy was really about bad potholes), mainstream ‘experts’ (always referred to as ‘experts’) pronouncing their conclusions when they clearly had little expertise, and an obvious lack of interest by  outlets in hosting and giving a platform to the leaders of the movement.

And then we faced the obvious next media objective – an attempt to find one or two extremists that could be quoted and then presented as if they, and their views, represent the whole movement. Its always handy to reinforce that, with another ‘expert’ or authority figure who can be quoted as having ‘concerns’.

All of this gets wrapped up by implying that the people involved are inferior in some way – they are socially, politically, economically behind, with the subtle implication that that is why they are so unreasonable.

This sets up the full scale political and personal attacks by the government on the protest and the protesters, and the government’s response is dutifully reported without analysis or criticism.

There is no elite in Canada who work together as effectively as the mainstream media outlets and the Big L Liberals. They have long standing connections, they depend on each other, both are convinced they know more than anyone, both believe that they must direct Canadian society and culture. Both are threatened by anything that involves average people insisting on a role in running their own country. When I heard about the convoy and it’s goals I knew immediately that the Liberals and their soulmates in the national media would do everything they could to derail it.

After all, who knows what that ‘small fringe minority with unacceptable views (add any other of Justin Trudeau’s favorite pejoratives)’ might do next.

We are seeing cracks in the façade that has fronted the COVID narrative.

It’s not the truckers that bother Justin Trudeau and his minions, it is Canadians. The cross country convoy has given Canadians hope, it has given them a place to get involved and they insisting that there be change. There is nothing more threatening to a government that lives by dividing its citizens than to see Canadians coming together – Canadians from across geographical lines, racial lines, political lines, economic lines.  That is why the people closest to Justin Trudeau began two weeks ago to undermine and denigrate the truckers and their objectives. This is nothing new and it is losing its effectiveness. Trudeau’s communication revolves around denigrating those with whom he disagrees.  He’s not capable of articulating sensible, well reasoned arguments. Demeaning others has worked well in the past, but his time it is failing miserably.

Our freedoms in Canada have never come easily. They will only be regained if we will work alongside our neighbours. Let’s continue the fight for the freedoms that were gained so long ago at such a great cost to our country. We need to continue to fight so that our children and grandchildren will also be able to live freely in Canada.


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