When it comes to conflict, religion is part of the solution

By Sharon Rosen and Kimberly Hart | The Hill

How often do you hear the expression “religious conflict”? Pretty often, we bet. Every day, headlines use this term to talk about violence and destruction in different parts of the world. But is it true that religion is an inciter of war, an obstacle to progress, or an issue to be handled?

The answer is simple. When it comes to today’s crises, religion isn’t just part of the problem—it’s part of the solution.

At Search for Common Ground, the world’s largest dedicated peacebuilding organization, we have learned this from working with communities of faith in five continents. We partnered with imams in Central Asia to prevent violent extremism. We worked with coalitions of Muslims and Christians to prevent atrocities in the Central African Republic. We joined forces with diverse faith leaders in the Holy Land to protect holy sites.