The cone of silence around China’s Muslim ‘gulags’

By Ishaan Tharoor | The Washington Post It’s unclear how many people are living in some sort of detention in Xinjiang, the restive region in China’s far west. Last month, a State Department official testified before a Senate committee that Chinese authorities have “indefinitely detained ... Read More

Britain commissions review of Christian persecution worldwide

By Reuters LONDON (Reuters) – Britain has commissioned an independent review into the persecution of Christians to find practical steps to support followers of a religion that it said has been subject to a dramatic rise in violence worldwide. Some 215 million Christians worldwide faced ... Read More

Canada Summer Jobs: 2019 Applications Now Open

David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills–Grasslands, would like to inform his constituents that Employment and Social Development Canada is now accepting applications for the 2019 Canada Summer Jobs program. A number of changes to the program have been implemented: ... Read More

Updated report: Freedom of Religion or Belief in Nigeria

The Office of David Anderson is pleased to release an updated version of the May 2018 report on the status of freedom of religion or belief in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.   Click here to read the report Click here to learn more about the freedom of religion or belief in Nigeria Read More

Religious Persecution in China: The Destruction of Mosques

In the second in a series of videos exposing the attacks on freedom of religion or belief in China, MP David Anderson addresses the destruction of mosques: 24,400 mosques in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have been destroyed since 2009 according to Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to ... Read More

UPDATE: Freedom of Religion or Belief in Cuba

MP David Anderson provides an update on freedom of religion or belief in Cuba: Cuba’s new President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has indicated that the country’s new constitution, which will be voted on in a referendum in February 2019, will more accurately reflect “the now and the ... Read More

Justin Trudeau’s sabotage of our immigration system

Canada has relied on legal immigration for decades. It was understood, prior to Justin Trudeau’s election, that people could not apply as refugees in Canada when they were already in a safe third country. Justin Trudeau recklessly tweeted in 2017 that people would not be stopped from crossing ... Read More

UPDATE: Freedom of Religion or Belief in Russia

MP David Anderson provides a December 2018 update on freedom of religion or belief in Russia: Last May, the US Mission to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) reported that “raids on homes and places of worship, including those […] in Ufa […] Polyarny, […] ... Read More

We must continue the fight against Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

Those who love carbon taxes have tried in the past to use British Columbia as their example. Emissions had dropped as the carbon tax came in but it was not because of the tax; it was because the economy had slowed down. Since then, the economy has picked up, emissions have gone up and the […] Read More

UZBEKISTAN: Military raids Baptists, Church ordered closed

By Mushfig Bayram | Forum 18 For the first time Uzbekistan’s military has raided Tashkent Baptists meeting for worship. Asked why the military were involved, officials said “it is a special operation”. Police threatened Baptists they “will come every Sunday and disrupt ... Read More

Afghan Shias in the firing line: ‘IS wants to wipe us out’

By Secunder Kermani | BBC News Tears and wails of grief fill the air around a hilltop cemetery in the outskirts of Kabul. “Why did you leave us?” one distraught mother cries out. Another lovingly caresses the photograph of her dead child. Families of about 50 students killed in a ... Read More

Bulgarian Christians continue protests

By Ken Camp | Baptist Standard SOFIA, Bulgaria—For the third consecutive Sunday, Bulgarian Christians gathered in their nation’s capital to pray and protest proposed restrictions on religious freedom. Christians representing varied traditions assembled in Tzar Osvobedital Square in Sofia on ... Read More

Woman describes torture, beatings in Chinese detention camp

By Maria Danilova | Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A member of the Uighur minority on Monday detailed torture and abuse she says she experienced in one of the internment camps where the Chinese government has detained hundreds of thousands of religious minorities. Mihrigul Tursun, ... Read More

Liberals’ media payout reeks of political interference and payback

Canadians are increasingly critical of our national media because of perceived political activism and bias. That was even before Canada’s largest media union made it obvious that, in 2019, they would be supporting the federal Liberals in the election. Last week, the Liberals did a quid pro ... Read More