Vietnam wrestles with Christianity

November 17, 2017

By Seb Rumsby | The Diplomat Upland Vietnam has witnessed a remarkable religious transformation within one marginalized ethnic minority in the past three decades. Since the 1980s, where ...

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The Freedom to Believe Differently

November 14, 2017

Watch this week’s radio commentary below: I’m intrigued by issues around people’s freedom to believe as they choose. Everyone says they support this idea but they often support ...

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The Morneau Saga continues

November 6, 2017

Watch this week’s radio commentary below: This past week, the Morneau saga continued. The Federal Finance Minister did not put his assets into a blind trust as he had said he would. He ...

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Two Pastors in Burma Sentenced to Prison

November 3, 2017

By Morning Star News Two assistant pastors arrested by the Burma (Myanmar) army last December were sentenced to prison on Friday (Oct. 27) on false charges of unlawful association, defaming the ...

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