Western Canadians will again pay for this inefficient Trudeau government

When we formed government over 10 years ago, one of the issues that really annoyed our local municipal governments was the Navigable Waters Act. Because someone in the past had determined that if a water run, a ditch or a coulee could float a canoe at any time during the year, then it was declared a navigable water.

So, if there was a project such as a culvert or rebuilding a road, it required the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to get involved and to give its approval.

It didn’t matter how foolish the situation – if there was water for a few days in the spring, or runoff after a heavy rainfall, that was enough. What it meant was that the local municipal governments were spending hundreds of thousands of extra dollars on simple, local projects. The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities took the lead in requesting change, and we came through for the people of Saskatchewan. Well, now in all their misguided environmental enthusiasm, the Trudeau Liberals are about to reverse our legislation and dump untold, unnecessary costs on Canadians.

It’s just one more way that rural, Western Canadians will again pay for this inefficient Trudeau government.

David Anderson, MP