We must continue the fight against Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

Those who love carbon taxes have tried in the past to use British Columbia as their example. Emissions had dropped as the carbon tax came in but it was not because of the tax; it was because the economy had slowed down.

Since then, the economy has picked up, emissions have gone up and the BC carbon tax at the fuel pumps is nothing more than a revenue generator for bureaucrats. Like everywhere this has been tried, it depends on gullible people because it benefits government, not people or the environment.

Last year, the BC government claimed emissions had gone down but it turns out that was only because they added in forestry credits and left out forest fire emissions. The really big emitters are exempted and – even with that little accounting trick – this year’s emissions have climbed again.

The solution according to carbon tax enthusiasts is, of course, to raise the tax. That will only punish the average taxpayer more and they know that. That is why we need to be so thankful to our provincial government for opposing Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax right from the start, and why we need to continue that fight.

David Anderson, MP