Trudeau’s Liberal Values Threaten Canada Summer Jobs Applications with Anti- Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Attestation


Ottawa, ON – Canada Summer Jobs applicants in Cypress Hills-Grasslands have begun receiving notices from the Trudeau Liberal Government that they are being rejected for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. They are now receiving letters informing them that because they do not agree to the Liberals’ required values statement, they cannot access the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

In response, David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills-Grasslands said, “The Liberals have managed to destroy a program that has worked for decades, giving summer job opportunities to young Canadians. It is ironic that the Prime Minister who is always throwing around the word ‘equality’ is the one who has initiated the exclusion of Canadians based not on anything they have done, but on their beliefs.”

The right to freedom of belief and opinion is guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians should be very concerned that the Government of Canada is basing funding decisions on whether or not you hold a certain belief. Section 2 of the Charter identifies, among other things, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of belief as ‘fundamental freedoms’.

Under Justin Trudeau’s values test, those applicants who do not agree with the ideological requirements of the Liberal Party will no longer be eligible to receive funding for a summer student. The Liberals are now extending this same requirement to other programs.

Anderson added, “There are students who won’t find work as a result of this. So far we have seen private businesses, charities, addictions treatment facilities and children’s programs all punished by this vicious insistence that we must all toe the line with this out of control government. Individuals who hold private convictions may, for example, no longer be able to help care for the disabled, refugees, or provide day camp for children in need.

“Justin Trudeau’s values attestation has no place in a tolerant, multicultural society such as Canada. All Canadians should be treated equally by their government, regardless of their faith or conscience. I will continue to defend the right of all Canadians of faith to hold and express their deeply-held beliefs and values,” concluded Anderson.

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