Tribute to Veterans

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Online Remembrance Day Tour

As a tribute to our veterans in recognition of their service and sacrifice, I am pleased introduce a special online Remembrance Day tour, which highlights the many war memorials in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill. Centre Block is home to many different memorials which commemorate Canadian veterans and those who served our country in war time. 


 Take the Tour

You can also view war memorials in the Ottawa area by clicking on the “See More” tab. These memorials are those which can be found in the Ottawa area, but are not on Parliament Hill.

Built on Google’s Street View technology, you can use the Street View arrows in the center of the page to navigate on your own at any time. The small map on the bottom right indicates where you are and what direction you are facing.

Things you can see on the tour

George Baker, MP


Memorial Chamber


Ghosts of Vimy Ridge


Nurses’ Memorial


Senate War Paintings


War of 1812-1814 Plaque


National War Memorial


Aboriginal Veterans Monument


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