Spring session an unmitigated disaster for Liberals

June 26, 2017

The spring session of the House of Commons is done – barely. This session has been an unmitigated disaster for the Liberals.

They had to give up their plans to change the voting system and the rules of the House of Commons. Now their latest misguided plan to change fundraising rules will allow rich insiders to buy access to Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister.

Trade issues, like softwood and NAFTA, are in limbo.

It’s clear their marijuana legislation will make it easier for kids to possess, buy, and sell pot.

The Budget 2017 process foundered until their supposedly ‘independent senators’ banded together with the old Liberals in the Senate. Otherwise, we would have been recalling the House of Commons for just a single vote on the Budget.

Lazy and unfocused government takes its cues from leadership. Justin Trudeau has less interest in the day-to-day hard work that makes for good leadership than he does in using the position for publicity. He’s more interested in amateur theatre, and doing videos with hand-puppets in his office, than with leading the country.

That’s actually a better fit for a frustrated actor currently playing in a role that is far beyond him.

David Anderson, MP