SPEAKER BIO: Don Hutchinson

Don Hutchinson

Author & Principal, Ansero Services

Don Hutchinson is the principal of Ansero Services, a registered Canadian charity that encourages Christian individuals and ministries actively engaged on the issue of religious freedom in Canada, or globally, to partner for greater effectiveness. The author of UNDER SIEGE: Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150 (1867–2017), Don is a graduate of Queen’s University and the University of British Columbia law school.

Don has been a featured contributor/guest in a variety of media, both spoken and written. He has appeared several times before the Supreme Court of Canada and committees of the Canadian and Ontario parliaments. A recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Don is a Christian leader who has served as pastor, lawyer consultant, and executive with The Salvation Army, World Vision Canada, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Bible Society.

Don lives in Ottawa with his wife, Gloria, and grandson, John.