Second church in 10 days torn down in Sudan

By World Watch Monitor

A Sudan Church of Christ (SCOC) building has been demolished in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, ten days after the destruction of another SCOC building in nearby Soba, 12 miles south of the city

Christian charity Middle East Concern (MEC) reports that the second demolition took place on 17 May in Khartoum’s Algadisia district.

The Algadisia church had been there since 1983, according to MEC. (After war broke out – again – in 1983 between what was then north and south Sudan, many thousands of southern Christians fled north to escape fighting and bombing, resulting in extensive communities which over time developed so much that, when South Sudan independence came in 2011, the Christians were too ‘settled’ in the north to leave and start a new life all over again, thousands of miles away to the south.) However, MEC reported, another person recently claimed ownership but refused to provide any proof. The authorities then demanded that the church vacate the land. MEC said that even when the church showed ownership documents, the authorities refused to hear the case.