Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world for atheists

By World Religion News

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has published a list of best and worst nations for atheists. The IHEU supports humanists who are constantly at risk of persecution. The current list constitutes its seventh edition.

The IHEU release is titled Freedom of Thought Report, and it was presented to the United Nations General Assembly situated in New York City. The seventh report is unique in the sense that it is the maiden time the report contains a proper ranking for every world nation. The countries are ranked as per their discrimination against the non-religious, atheists, and humanists. As per the IHEU report, atheists are safest in Belgium and in The Netherlands. Taiwan comes third. In fourth place are four countries- Sao Tome and Principe, Nauru, Japan, and France. It is to be noted that Ireland dipped further into 115th place. According to Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland, the non-religious face serious discrimination even though they constitute the second biggest societal group after Roman Catholics. The human rights officer pointed out that the Constitution of Ireland starts by invoking God and Catholic social mores are present in multiple Irish laws. Many other countries in the past have chastised Ireland for treading on atheists’ human rights, minority faith members, and agnostics.