Request a Greeting

Mr. Anderson is happy to provide greetings for milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or your organization’s special anniversary. We can also request on your behalf birthday and wedding anniversary greetings from other representatives (see guidelines below).

Anniversaries (5 year intervals)

25+ Prime Minister, MP, Premier, MLA
50+ Governor General, Lt. Governor*
60+ Queen (Three months’ notice required)

Birthdays (5 year intervals)

65+ MP, MLA
75+ Prime Minister, Premier
80+ Lt. Governor*
90+ Governor General
100+ Queen (Three months’ notice required)

Please Note

Birthday and anniversary greetings must now be made directly with the Lt. Governor’s office. Those making a request must sign a declaration that the information is true (it is included in the online and in printable form). Click here for more information and to view the request forms.