Religious Persecution in China: The Separation of Families

In the fourth in a series of videos exposing the attacks on freedom of religion or belief in China, MP David Anderson addresses the separation of families in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region:

In a previous video, I talked about ‘re-education camps’ in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China.

Sending Uyghurs away to be educated in Chinese Communist Party camps has led to the break-up of families and the separation of thousands of children from parents who have been forced to enter these ‘re-education’ camps.

One source noted that the Chinese government has budgeted $30 million dollars toward the building and expansion of orphanages to house 5000 children in the province.

Last June, over half of parents in one village in Xinjiang had been ordered into camps with only the elderly and children remaining. Children with both parents in camps were put in orphanages.

Orphanages vary in size, each with a minimum of 100 beds. Many of them are overcrowded. In some cases, children are dispersed to other regions making it very difficult for parents to re-unite with their children after they are released.

In this environment, children are forced to learn Chinese Communist Party ideals and abandon their Uyghur or Kazakh languages and beliefs.

The Chinese government’s attempt to suppress Uyghur Muslim beliefs is destroying families and violating religious freedom.

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