Religious Freedom News Clippings

With the advancement of social media, the internet news allows us to see the immediate effects of religious intolerance. Suicide bombings, attacks on individuals, and recent debates on the role of religion in society spotlight that this is an issue for many countries.

Please note that the news clippings listed here and the religions they represent are not exhaustive but will grow as we add more articles. If have a link to a story that you would like us to consider including on this page, please email it to us at


Over 40 killed in attack on Catholic Cathedral

By Christian Solidarity Worldwide At least 40 people were killed in an attack on 15 November on the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Aliandao town, Central African Republic (CAR), 200 miles east of the capital Bangui. On 15 November the Cathedral and ... Full Article

Angola: 2,000 unregistered churches forced to close

By World Watch Monitor More than 2,000 churches have been closed and over 1,000 more face closure after Angola’s cabinet approved a new law requiring them to register with the government, including presenting at least 100,000 signatures of ... Full Article

A look at blasphemy laws around the world

By Courtney Grogan | Catholic News Agency Islamabad, Pakistan – While the world awaits the fate of Asia Bibi, who remains in hiding in Pakistan following the acquittal of her death sentence for blasphemy, religious freedom advocates are ... Full Article

DONBAS: Donetsk: Jehovah’s Witnesses banned

By Felix Corley | Forum 18 The Supreme Court of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic banned Jehovah’s Witnesses on 26 September, a decision that cannot be challenged. Jehovah’s Witness activity “in any form” ... Full Article

Religious Persecution in China: The Uyghurs

I’m pleased to present the first in a series of case studies on China’s complete contempt for the fundamental right of freedom of religion or belief. The suffering inflicted by the Chinese government on the Uyghur people has been the subject ... Full Article