Religious Freedom News Clippings

With the advancement of social media, the internet news allows us to see the immediate effects of religious intolerance. Suicide bombings, attacks on individuals, and recent debates on the role of religion in society spotlight that this is an issue for many countries.

Please note that the news clippings listed here and the religions they represent are not exhaustive but will grow as we add more articles. If have a link to a story that you would like us to consider including on this page, please email it to us at


Religious Persecution in China: Falun Gong

In the third in a series of videos exposing the attacks on freedom of religion or belief in China, MP David Anderson addresses the continued persecution of Falun Gong: The Falun Gong has been considered an ‘evil cult’ by Chinese authorities ... Full Article

Muslim Mobs Attack 10 Church Buildings in Ethiopia

By Morning Star News NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Christians in a town in southern Ethiopia were stunned when local Muslims attacked 10 church buildings on Feb. 9, destroying one and burning the property inside all the structures, ... Full Article

India Sees Rise in Public Lynchings of Christians

By Catholic News Agency BHOPAL, India — Violent attacks, including public lynchings, against Christians in India are reportedly becoming increasingly common, with international nongovernmental organizations and the country’s Catholic bishops ... Full Article

Doing Right By Asia Bibi

While the Trudeau government has given Canadian Christians little reason to cheer, writes Convivium contributor Don Hutchinson, it deserves praise for its effort to save the persecuted Pakistani woman condemned to death for blasphemy against ... Full Article