Religious Freedom – Pakistan

Christians matter least in Pakistani politics

By Asif Aqeel | World Watch Monitor As Pakistan prepares for elections later this month, the country’s minorities – particularly its Christians – have expressed dismay at their lack of representation among the candidates. Among the ... Full Article

Persecution of Hazara minority must be stopped

By IMAD ZAFAR | Asia Times Being a minority in a conservative or extremist society is the worst thing a community can experience. The Hazara community residing in the Pakistani city of Quetta, capital of Balochistan, is experiencing the worst ... Full Article

Easter banner torn down from Pakistan church

By Asif Aqeel | World Watch Monitor Armed violence broke out in eastern Pakistan on Sunday, 18 March, over an Easter banner hung outside a church. The incident took place in a Christian colony in Burewala, Punjab province. Police intervened and ... Full Article