Religious Freedom – Pakistan

Pakistan arrests 1100 supporters of detained cleric

By Asim Tanveer | Associated Press MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) — Police in an ongoing crackdown arrested some 1100 supporters of a detained radical Islamic cleric, who disrupted daily life with nationwide rallies following the acquittal of a ... Full Article

Christians matter least in Pakistani politics

By Asif Aqeel | World Watch Monitor As Pakistan prepares for elections later this month, the country’s minorities – particularly its Christians – have expressed dismay at their lack of representation among the candidates. Among the ... Full Article

Persecution of Hazara minority must be stopped

By IMAD ZAFAR | Asia Times Being a minority in a conservative or extremist society is the worst thing a community can experience. The Hazara community residing in the Pakistani city of Quetta, capital of Balochistan, is experiencing the worst ... Full Article