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VIDEO REPORT: Rising Religious Restrictions in Indonesia (October 2018)

The Office of David Anderson, MP has prepared an update on freedom of religion or belief in Indonesia. Watch the report below:


Indonesia election exposes ethnic, religious divides

By John McBeth | Asia Times While it may have given President Joko Widodo a significantly larger majority than in the last race in 2014, Indonesia’s April 17 presidential election has put the archipelago’s religious and ethnic divides into ... Full Article

Indonesian Christian ex-governor Ahok released

By World Watch Monitor Jakarta’s former governor, known widely and simply as “Ahok”, walked out of prison today, 24 January, after serving nearly two years for blasphemy. He was granted early release, four months ahead of schedule, for ... Full Article

Indonesian woman jailed for blasphemy

By Christian Solidarity Worldwide A mother of two was jailed for 18 months on 24 August under Indonesia’s controversial blasphemy laws, following an incident in which she was alleged to have insulted Islam. On 22 July 2016 Meiliana, a ... Full Article

INDONESIA: Three Churches Closed Over Permits

By Voice of the Martyrs Authorities on the Indonesian island of Sumatra closed three churches on September 27th, stating that they lack the necessary permits. Church leaders, however, argue that the closures relate instead to restlessness among ... Full Article

A youthful intolerance takes hold in Indonesia

By John McBeth | Asia Times Radical Islam’s penetration of Indonesia’s universities has alarmed President Joko Widodo’s government, providing further evidence that evolving religious conservatism and intolerance is changing the character ... Full Article

Indonesia: Three churches hit in bomb attacks

By Christian Solidarity Worldwide Three churches in Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya, were hit in bomb attacks which killed 13 people and injured dozens on 13 May. The bombings are described as the worst terrorist attack in Indonesia ... Full Article