Recapping an interesting week in Ottawa

It was an interesting week last week in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau turfed two of his former top cabinet ministers and, in response, he had 40 to 50 young women who had come to Ottawa to see Parliament in action turn their backs on him in the House of Commons.

Then he sent several of his more gullible caucus members out to attack Jody Wilson-Raybould with misleading information that turned out to be neither confirmed nor accurate. That didn’t stop several Liberal-friendly national news agencies from carrying it until they had to backtrack.

As well, Trudeau’s appointed person in the Senate tried to completely revamp the Senate approach to legislation by bringing forward an omnibus closure bill that would have taken a dozen bills completely out of the hands of the normal Senate processes. That did not turn out any better than the rest of the week when Peter Harder, Trudeau’s guy in the Senate, had to withdraw it and renegotiate.

It’s very fortunate for Trudeau that so much of the media is willing to carry his talking points. Otherwise, we just might still be focused on the question, “Did Justin Trudeau, as Prime Minister, try to pervert the course of justice?”

That is the real question that still hasn’t been addressed or answered.

David Anderson, MP