PC Leader Doug Ford’s Sweeping Ontario Election Victory

Last Thursday, Doug Ford and the Conservative Party of Ontario swept to power. It was not a surprise, although the provincial and national media had done all they could to boost the NDP’s fortunes.

The Liberal deficits, their Green Climate Plan and misdirected spending all mean that Ford will have a big hole to climb out of. Perhaps some common sense will now prevail in issues such as the environment.

If all this sounds familiar to those who follow federal politics, it should. The people who brought the disastrous energy/climate change programs to Ontario are now in charge in Ottawa. Trudeau’s top advisors were the architects of the Ontario plan that saw energy prices skyrocket in Ontario that has made industry so uncompetitive that much of it moved south and which left Ontario buried in debt.

These are the precise things we are dealing with in Ottawa – skyrocketing and unnecessary debt, foreign investment fleeing the country and a climate change plan that will start small and become more and more punishing to the average Canadian.

David Anderson, MP