Pakistani prosecutor to Christians: ‘I’ll acquit you if you convert to Islam’

April 7, 2017

By Asif Aqeel | World Watch Monitor

The father of one of 42 Pakistanis – who are on trial for lynching two men they suspected of the double bombing of neighbouring churches in March 2015 – has confirmed that the public prosecutor offered to acquit all the suspects if they were to convert to Islam.

Two churches in the Christian neighborhood of Youhanabad in Lahore, Punjab were simultaneously targeted by suicide bombers who tried to enter their Sunday services. The twin attacks claimed at least 17 lives, and injured 80; more deaths were prevented by volunteer church guards who tackled the bombers.

Shortly after, hundreds of terrified worshippers streamed out in panic. An angry panicky crowd set upon two men already detained by the police at the scene, and lynched them to death.