Pakistani court orders list of people who left Islam

By Ehsan Rehan | Rabwah Times

On Monday a Pakistani court ordered the country’s national citizen database to handover list of individuals who left Islam and requested a change of religion with the department.

The High Court court of Pakistani capital Islamabad ordered Pakistan’s Citizen Authority (NADRA) to provide detailed information on an estimated 10,000 Pakistani citizens who are believed to have changed their religion from Islam to Qadiani [Ahmadiyya]. The court also directed the citizen authority to include their age, names of their parents and their international travel history in the list.

During the hearing, the court was assisted by Hafiz Hassan Madni, a Professor at the University of Punjab, Lahore. Professor Madni told the court that a person who left Islam for another faith was an ‘apostate’ and deserved a penalty for the act.