The state of religious freedom in Sri Lanka

By Release International | Christian Today The death toll continues to rise following Easter service bomb attacks against churches in Sri Lanka. “We’re shocked and appalled and our prayers go out for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka,” says Paul Robinson, the CEO of ... Read More

Pakistani Prime Minister Says Asia Bibi Will Finally Be Released

By Will Maule | CBN News Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has told reporters that embattled Christian mother Asia Bibi will finally be allowed to leave Pakistan. Bibi, who was convicted of blasphemy and spent a decade on death row, was acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court last October but ... Read More

Speaking of Christchurch

By Susan Korah | Convivium March 15 was a turning point in the history of the ancient Roman Empire and also of the modern nation of New Zealand. On that day in 44 B.C., known to ancient Romans as the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was assassinated on the steps of the Senate in Rome. […] Read More

Mexican priest beaten and tortured in suspected robbery

By World Watch Monitor A 78 year-old priest has been admitted to hospital with second degree burns to his hands and feet after being beaten and tortured during a suspected robbery attempt on 11 April. A 78 year-old priest has been admitted to hospital with second degree burns to his hands and ... Read More

Justin Trudeau’s firearms fiasco

Well, it looks like Justin Trudeau’s crew may finally be forced to listen a little tiny bit to Canadians. Ralph Goodale has been in charge of bringing in new restrictions on firearms owners in Canada. He started with Bill C-71. Then, Bill Blair was told to come up with a scheme to ban ... Read More

Pakistan Hazara minority protests after bombing in Quetta

By BBC News Dozens of men, women and children from Pakistan’s minority Hazara community have held a protest in the city of Quetta demanding better security. The sit-in started hours after 24 people were killed and dozens injured in a bomb blast at a vegetable market in the south-western ... Read More

CHINA: More Than Twenty Arrested in Shanghai

By ChinaAid Authorities in the city of Shanghai seized more than 20 Christian business leaders, along with one American citizen, in the early morning of April 4th. According to ChinaAid, the arrests were directly tied to their faith and church activities. READ MORE… Read More

China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority

By Darren Byler | The Guardian In mid-2017, Alim, a Uighur man in his 20s, returned to China from studying abroad. As soon as he landed back in the country, he was pulled off the plane by police officers. He was told his trip abroad meant that he was now under suspicion of being “unsafe”. ... Read More

Indian Christians look to Supreme Court for religious freedom

By UCA News Christian leaders and activists in India are pinning hopes on the Supreme Court to set aside guidelines made by a state court on individuals changing religion. India’s top court on April 5 postponed hearing a petition of Christian leaders that challenged the guidelines of ... Read More

Recapping an interesting week in Ottawa

It was an interesting week last week in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau turfed two of his former top cabinet ministers and, in response, he had 40 to 50 young women who had come to Ottawa to see Parliament in action turn their backs on him in the House of Commons. Then he sent several of his […] Read More

China’s dire clampdown on religious freedom

By Jonathan Manthorpe | Asia Times Containing and controlling religion has always been a vicious, violent and frequently deadly objective of the Chinese Communist Party. And that contest has become ever more emotionally charged in recent years as hundreds of millions of Chinese people seek the ... Read More

Full Text: Press Conference of the Uyghur Canadian Society

The following is the full text of a March 21, 2019 press conference held by the Uyghur Canadian Society on the persecution of Uyghurs in the People’s Republic of China. March 21, 2019 “I am Mehmet Tohti, representing the Uyghur Canadian community. “Today is the international ... Read More

Malaysia police likely behind religion-linked abductions: Inquiry

By Kate Mayberry | Al Jazeera Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A Malaysian human rights commission inquiry into the abduction of two people more than two years ago has found that the pair was probably disappeared by the intelligence branch of the country’s police. The three-member panel, ... Read More

Religious Freedom In Malaysia Under Microscope

By Ewelina U. Ochab | Forbes At the end of March 2019, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), in cooperation with the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFoRB), published a new report scrutinizing the protection and enjoyment of the right to ... Read More

‘Completely like a prison’

By Nathan Vanderklippe | The Globe and Mail Before she was shocked with a stun gun to the head for spending more than the allotted two minutes in the toilet, and before she was handcuffed for 24 hours because guards accused her of letting another woman participate in religious washing, and ... Read More