Number of Baha’i arrests in Yemen this month are alarming

By World Religion News

The people belonging to the Baha’i community have been facing harassment from the Yemeni authorities for some time now. The latest is an order to arrest about 25 Baha’is. The Baha’is are being accused by the authorities of showing kindness to people of different faiths to attract them to the Baha’i faith.

A mass arrest took place in the month of August 2016. About 60 individuals, comprising of 22 women and 38 men, were arrested. The Yemeni authorities’ attitude towards them were like they were tackling a lethal terrorist group. The National Security Office even dealt harshly towards the children who had accompanied their parents to the meeting. Among those arrested, 50 people were released. The remaining ten Baha’i, consisting of three women and seven men, were arrested when armed soldiers raided a Baha’i function. The masked soldiers arrested not only Baha’is but also people of other religions who had arrived in Sanaa to attend a nine-day duration meeting for the youth.