The Carbon Tax is everything we warned about

The House of Commons is back and session and, although we have moved to a new location in the West Block, little else has changed.

Western Canadians are getting more and more frustrated with Justin Trudeau and his ongoing attempts to destroy the energy industry. Bill C-69, which has become known as the ‘No Pipeline Bill,’ has not been withdrawn and his new Carbon Tax comes into effect in April.

The Carbon Tax is everything we warned about – it is not an environmental plan; it is a unilateral tax grab that will start out small and grow exponentially over the next decade. Tiny rebates will be given early on in order to try to sell it.

While no one knows what ‘$20 a tonne’ even is, the Liberals propose to increase the Carbon Tax to $50 a tonne by 2022, and then go up to $300 a tonne. Carbon taxes have never been effective anywhere, but they will generate massive tax revenue.

The BC NDP had no sooner got in than they made their carbon tax as part of their general revenue. So you will be paying the bills as Justin Trudeau continues to run massive deficits and you pay for his mistakes.

David Anderson, MP