North Korea Is Punishing Religious Citizens

By Corey Barnett | World Religion News

While most of the rest of the world enjoys the freedom of worship, North Korean authorities punish people who dare engage in religious practices. Those found practicing religion are abused, tortured, and even executed. This is from an annual a report of the U.S. State Department.

North Korea has, for some time now, been in the news for the infamous horrendous disregard for human rights. Hundreds of thousands of political and religious prisoners spend life in remote camps. The nonexistence of religious practice comes at a time when Washington and Pyongyang are not in good terms due to the North Korean dictator’s missile threats. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un told Donald Trump to make the right choices if he wanted to prevent a massive war. According to article 86 of the country’s Constitution, the citizens have an obligation to join the army and defend the nation at all times. Much resource is invested in military training and manufacture of lethal weaponry.