‘A night of terror and fear’: Coptic Christians face attacks after social media post offends local Muslims

By Florence Gildea | Christian Today

Christians face charges of inciting sectarian strife and insulting Islamic leaders, after their comments on social media caused some Muslims in their village to riot.

The social media posts of two young Coptic men from the village of Ezbat El-Sheikh Nageim in Upper Egypt have sparked protests in their village by Muslims who believe the men to have insulted Islam. According to a report by World Watch Monitor, as many as 100 protesters were initially detained for attacking Coptic-owned homes and shops, churches and injuring several Copts. 19 are still being held.

The social media posts in question date from May 2017 when 28 Copts were killed in the Minya bus attack. In response to the attack, Bassem Abdel-Malak Fahim, 25, accused some well-known Islamic leaders of inciting people to attack Christians and criticised the Egyptian government and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for opposing Islamic extremists in Libya but not those within Egypt.