Nigeria: Militia attacks kill nine in southern Kaduna state

By Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Nine people were killed and 30 homes destroyed on 16 March in an attack by Fulani militia in southern Kaduna State, Nigeria.

According to survivors, the attack on the Nandu Gbok community in Sanga Local Government Area (LGA) began at around 4:00am. Victims included women and children.

The attack follows a series of militia raids on Kajuru LGA in southern Kaduna that have claimed at least 120 lives since 9 February 2019. The raids occurred in the wake of a televised statement by Kaduna state Governor Nasir el Rufai on the eve of February’s postponed presidential and national assembly elections, in which he alleged that 66 people had been killed in Kajuru LGA and insinuated the victims were mostly women and children from the Fulani ethnic group.