Nigeria: 75 killed in renewed Fulani attacks on Christian community in Plautea

By World Watch Monitor

No fewer than 75 corpses have been recovered following a string of attacks by Fulani herdsmen on the predominantly Christian community of Miango, in the Bassa local government area of Plateau state, central Nigeria.

Jerry Datim, a religious leader from the area, told World Watch Monitor that the first attack took place on 24 January: “It was about 12 noon, when some Fulani men laid and ambush around Rafiki, a place well close to the 3rd Army Division Cantonment. They killed three people, before moving on to another village, Jebbu Bassa, where they also killed three people. They also burned down a lot of properties.”

He said the assailants continued their killing spree, unchallenged, throughout the next week.