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Another week, another disaster in Ottawa

Another week, another disaster in Ottawa. Last week, Justin Trudeau managed to submerge us unnecessarily in a trade war with the United States. The Liberal government’s amateurish approach to trade issues ensured that NAFTA discussion has not ... Full Article

The Climate Change Scam continues to expand

The climate change scam continues to expand. Within Canada, the Liberals are trying to make carbon taxes permanent, hoping Canadians will get used to the idea of having money taken out of their pockets for no good reason. Carbon taxes have never ... Full Article

Liberal Carbon Tax fast becoming a fiasco

The Liberal carbon tax is fast becoming a fiasco. Their plan is to start taxing carbon dioxide at $10 per tonne. They will then increase that 500% to $50 per tonne. Later, it will go even higher. People need to understand that the Liberals’ ... Full Article

Canada’s immigration system is in shambles

Immigration has always been essential to Canada. Each year, about 250,000 immigrants come here and we take in genuine refugees – those who have lost their homes and communities through conflict or disaster. People already safe in third ... Full Article

Canadian Market Debt surpasses $1 trillion

There are three numbers that are critical to understanding government debt. One is the annual deficit or surplus. When we left government in 2015, the annual budget was balanced. Since then, Justin Trudeau has deliberately chosen to run ... Full Article

Liberals give up on gangs and gang up on Canadians

The anticipated firearms legislation has finally arrived. It doesn’t deal with gangs, which are the cause of virtually all gun crime in Canada. The Liberals have given up on gangs but are ganging up on Canadians. The new legislation would ... Full Article

Trudeau and Goodale remain completely out of touch

How much longer can Canadians put up with this federal Liberal government? Just back from a disastrous trip to India, Justin Trudeau stayed home long enough for his government to greet the King and Queen of Belgium with a German flag, and then ... Full Article

2018 starting out on a very unsettled footing

The fall session of the House of Commons wrapped up last week. The Finance Minster took a beating all fall for his proposed tax changes. He backed off and said he would rethink them. Then he avoided coming to Question Period and waited until the ... Full Article