Radio Commentaries

Justice served for the McClintic debacle

Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau have been playing games with Canadians. They transferred child-killer Terri-Lynne McClintic to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Maple Creek – a minimum security prison with no walls or fences. Then, when ... Full Article

Another week, another wreck for Justin Trudeau

Another week, another series of wrecks for Justin Trudeau. A panic-stricken NAFTA agreement, reached only when Trudeau and Freeland realized that they were about to be left out of the US-Mexico agreement, gave in on sovereignty, copyright, on ... Full Article

Another week, another disaster in Ottawa

Another week, another disaster in Ottawa. Last week, Justin Trudeau managed to submerge us unnecessarily in a trade war with the United States. The Liberal government’s amateurish approach to trade issues ensured that NAFTA discussion has not ... Full Article

The Climate Change Scam continues to expand

The climate change scam continues to expand. Within Canada, the Liberals are trying to make carbon taxes permanent, hoping Canadians will get used to the idea of having money taken out of their pockets for no good reason. Carbon taxes have never ... Full Article

Liberal Carbon Tax fast becoming a fiasco

The Liberal carbon tax is fast becoming a fiasco. Their plan is to start taxing carbon dioxide at $10 per tonne. They will then increase that 500% to $50 per tonne. Later, it will go even higher. People need to understand that the Liberals’ ... Full Article

Canada’s immigration system is in shambles

Immigration has always been essential to Canada. Each year, about 250,000 immigrants come here and we take in genuine refugees – those who have lost their homes and communities through conflict or disaster. People already safe in third ... Full Article