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Bill C-69 worst legislation passed in decades

Bill C-69 has been a disaster from the minute Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts introduced it. Butts is long gone but the nasty influence of this bill continues. Now it has become law –the worst piece of legislation passed by Parliament in ... Full Article

An honour to serve

Our Parliamentary session is coming to an end. While our job as MPs continues until the election in October, it’s a strange thing to be facing the end of my time in the House of Commons after 19 years. Last week, I did my farewell speech in ... Full Article

Medical personnel, Canadians embrace C-418

Sometimes in politics, we find a topic that really catches the public’s attention in a positive way. I have put forward a Private Members Bill that would provide conscience protection for medical personnel. Bill C-418 would make it an offence ... Full Article

Liberals to secretly issue firearms ban?

Last week, an interesting question was asked in the House of Commons that the Liberals refused to answer. It was: Will the Liberal Cabinet will be issuing a secretive Order in Council, without public discussion, that will implement a firearms ... Full Article

Canola: Assertiveness needed with China

I’d prefer not to come back to the same issue again and again. However, Justin Trudeau’s failure to address the issues around the Chinese government’s attack on our canola farmers has emboldened the Chinese authorities to further punish ... Full Article

Holy days are no longer holy

Holy days are no longer holy. Each time a faith group celebrates, we wait for the bad news. And last week, there was another tragedy – a directed attack, on Easter Sunday, on Christian worshippers in Sri Lanka. In a well-coordinated, ... Full Article

Justin Trudeau’s firearms fiasco

Well, it looks like Justin Trudeau’s crew may finally be forced to listen a little tiny bit to Canadians. Ralph Goodale has been in charge of bringing in new restrictions on firearms owners in Canada. He started with Bill C-71. Then, Bill ... Full Article

Recapping an interesting week in Ottawa

It was an interesting week last week in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau turfed two of his former top cabinet ministers and, in response, he had 40 to 50 young women who had come to Ottawa to see Parliament in action turn their backs on him in the House ... Full Article

Trudeau government missing in action on canola issue

Western Canadian agriculture is nowhere on the radar screen of Justin Trudeau’s government. Federal Conservatives, Provincial MLAs and Ag organizations have been trying to get Trudeau and the new federal Ag Minister’s attention, but there is ... Full Article

The most expensive cover-up budget in history

This past week was not a good one for Justin Trudeau. Once again, the SNC-Lavalin Scandal dominated Canadian politics, even eclipsing the tabling of Budget 2019. The Budget itself was little more than a transparent attempt to get Canadians to ... Full Article

Justin Trudeau’s Farm Fuel Fiasco

There is no clearer example of the confusion that will be caused by Justin Trudeau’s unpopular Carbon Tax than the farm fuel fiasco. The Liberal government is applying a Carbon Tax across Canada, but it is not being applied evenly. Farm fuels ... Full Article

Trudeau’s Liberals are in complete disarray

Trudeau’s Liberals are in complete disarray. In the past, companies convicted of corruption were excluded from federal contracts. Justin Trudeau changed that in Budget 2018 and special deals can now be made with companies to reduce penalties. ... Full Article