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Justin Trudeau’s Farm Fuel Fiasco

There is no clearer example of the confusion that will be caused by Justin Trudeau’s unpopular Carbon Tax than the farm fuel fiasco. The Liberal government is applying a Carbon Tax across Canada, but it is not being applied evenly. Farm fuels ... Full Article

Trudeau’s Liberals are in complete disarray

Trudeau’s Liberals are in complete disarray. In the past, companies convicted of corruption were excluded from federal contracts. Justin Trudeau changed that in Budget 2018 and special deals can now be made with companies to reduce penalties. ... Full Article

The Carbon Tax is everything we warned about

The House of Commons is back and session and, although we have moved to a new location in the West Block, little else has changed. Western Canadians are getting more and more frustrated with Justin Trudeau and his ongoing attempts to destroy the ... Full Article

Justice served for the McClintic debacle

Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau have been playing games with Canadians. They transferred child-killer Terri-Lynne McClintic to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Maple Creek – a minimum security prison with no walls or fences. Then, when ... Full Article

Another week, another wreck for Justin Trudeau

Another week, another series of wrecks for Justin Trudeau. A panic-stricken NAFTA agreement, reached only when Trudeau and Freeland realized that they were about to be left out of the US-Mexico agreement, gave in on sovereignty, copyright, on ... Full Article