MP David Anderson Shares Thoughts on Ambrose, Outgoing PM Harper

david-anderson-2Swift Current Online | Written by Drew Medve

Moving on from their October 19th election night defeat, the Conservative Party of Canada have voted Rona Ambrose, an MP from Alberta as interim party leader.

Ambrose, 46, is the MP for Sturgeon River-Parkland and was previously named to Canada’s cabinet in the environment area, making her the youngest woman ever put to the post 10 years ago. The new leader has also served as minister for the status of women and most recently in the health ministerial position.

SwiftCurrentOnline spoke to Cypress Hills Grasslands MP David Anderson from Ottawa, who says Ambrose is qualified for the position.

“She’s a younger face to our party. There’s some generational change I think that has taken place in our party and she is a new leader. I think she’ll do a good job. She’s well liked, personable, you can talk to her. Those combination of things are reasons why people voted for her and support her. I think we’re in good hands. Rona is going to do a great job as she’s a veteran MP, a good person to deal with and I think she’ll present a good perspective and face of leadership for our party.

Passionate, touching and emotional are three adjectives being used to describe Stephen Harper’s address to his Conservative Party Caucaus on Thursday in Ottawa.

Anderson was one of the many who witnessed the speech, and had nothing but good things to say about the former PM to SwiftCurrentOnline.

“Generally I found him to be a phenomenal leader. I think there are only a few leaders around the world in the capacity and level he is at and I think we’re very unfortunate that Canada has lost him as a leader. Canadians will pay a price for that and certainly I was sad to see him go. He has been a class act from my perspective since day one and certainly has been over the last couple weeks. He is a great leader and I’m unhappy to see him go. He has made his decision and we will certainly move on and rebuild. He has brought Canada to international status we’ve never had before as far as I’m concerned. His emphasis on trade has given opportunity to western Canadians that we haven’t had in this past, and I found him to be an all around excellent leader. We’ll sorely miss him.”

Close friends of Harper expect a career in teaching once his days in politics and Ottawa are complete.

Anderson also confirmed that Conservative Senators had the opportunity to vote in the leadership meeting that ultimately lead to Rona Ambrose being chosen as party interim leader.

The MP says he will be returning to the southwest region of Saskatchewan soon, and that he is happy to be back at work representing the Cypress Hills Grasslands riding.