MP David Anderson disappointed in Throne Speech, opening Question Period

Swift Current Online | Written by Drew Medve

Question Period returned to Parliament in Ottawa on Monday, with Prime Minister Trudeau and other members of his cabinet fielding questions from the Opposition Conservatives and NDP.

The Liberals took questions on withdrawing fighter jets from the mission against ISIS, the economy and the refugee process for newcomers coming into Canada among other topics.

MP for Cypress Hills Grasslands David Anderson was in the House of Commons for Question Period and says the new government isn’t quite ready to address questions.

“Generally I think the government came back too soon. They’re not ready to deal with a lot of these things but somewhere in the leadership they decided to come back for a week here in December. They probably would have been better off to have waited until January, got themselves better organized and then come back. I talked to one of the ministers a week before the Throne Speech, he told me he had one employee. So they aren’t organized, this is being done by the PMO. I think the PM sent out a message today to his caucus saying if his chief of staff says anything, they can consider it to be coming from him. I think the chief of staff will be doing more directing than the PM will be.”

Anderson says he’s thankful the Liberals listened to other parties and Canadians on at least one thing and that was changing the deadline for Syrian refugees coming to Canada.

“They’re just not ready. I think they made some promises they wanted to keep and have had to back off on those, the refugees just one promise they’ve changed. They said it would be done by the end of the year. It was impossible, we knew that and thankfully they listened a little. The other is financing. There is no way they will be doing anything but running massive budget deficits. They said they would limit that to $10 billion a year, clearly it will be much greater than that. They can’t possibly do all the things they’re promising and not raise taxes in some way.”