MP David Anderson Applauds Balanced Budget

balanced-budgetDavid Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills-Grasslands, is applauding today’s Federal budget which marks the return to a balanced budget.

“Getting to a balanced budget has been a priority,” Anderson said. “Unlike the opposition, we know that budgets do not balance themselves.  Achieving a balanced budget has required discipline and spending restraint.  Cutting taxes has allowed us to maintain the strongest economic growth in the world.”

“We want people to be able to plan for the future,” Anderson said. “This budget doubles the Tax Free Savings Account limit, so younger Canadians can save for their retirement.  It also reduces the minimum withdrawal amounts for Registered Retirement Income Funds to give seniors more flexibility as they manage their retirement.”

Small business will benefit from the lowering of business tax rates to 9 per cent by 2019. Farmers will benefit from the capital gains exemption being raised to $1 million. Families who face a critical illness can access the Compassionate Care Benefit which will be extended from 6 weeks to 6 months.

“This is a balanced budget.  It’s not just the numbers that are balanced – it reaches out to all Canadians,” Anderson said. “Our government is focused on what matters to Canadians – jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. This budget shows we are moving forward with a solid economic vision for Canadians.”

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