MP Anderson: Trudeau’s First Election Plank has a $2 Billion Knothole


canada-coat-of-arms2OTTAWA – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills–Grasslands responded to the Liberal’s election platform cornerstone which was announced yesterday.

“Just as we expected, the Liberals are raising taxes on Canadians. Trudeau’s flagship announcement requires the highest income tax rate in the history of Canada and will leave a $2 billion dollar hole in the budget.  He is trumpeting a policy that he doesn’t even know how he’s going to pay for,” Anderson said.

Anderson warned that Canadians need to realize the Liberal leader’s plan once again demonstrates he has no idea how to manage the economy.

“This is alarming from a man who wants to lead the country. If this is supposed to be a plank in the Liberal platform, it’s a rotten one. Canadians would be well-advised not to put any weight on it,” Anderson said.

Anderson noted that Trudeau’s plan includes:

  • Sticking taxpaying Canadians with an additional $2 billion bill.
  • Scrapping the Universal Child Care Benefit which benefits 100% of families.
  • Introducing a Child Benefit plan which only benefits some families and penalizes them if they get a pay raise.
  • Scrapping the Tax Free Savings Account increase.
  • Introducing the highest income tax rate in Canadian history.
  • Scrapping income splitting for families, which saves families up to $2,000 a year.
  • Giving seniors real reason to fear the removal of seniors’ income splitting.

“Since 2006, our Government has reduced taxes and increased benefits for the average family of four by $6,640.  That’s a solid track record that Canadians can count on.  Justin Trudeau has no idea what he’s doing. This announcement shows he is in over his head.”

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