MP Anderson Elated with Passing of the Ending the Long Gun Registry Act (Bill C-19)

(Ottawa, ON): Law abiding farmers, duck hunters and rural Canadians are celebrating the end of the Long Gun Registry after it passed third and final reading in the Senate and received Royal Assent.

“The long fight, led for so long by Saskatchewan MP Garry Breitkreuz is over. The registry, which had been so misapplied and misused … is no more. The Conservative government led by Stephen Harper has kept yet another of our commitments,” said Anderson.

There are still other irritants for gun owners, especially around duplication of certification requirements and misapplication of the safe storage provision. The government will continue to work with the firearms community to regulate in ways that will not add unnecessary burdens on lawful firearms owners.

“It was unfortunate that a misleading article last week came out on the same day of the final Senate vote in a sad attempt to once again drive a wedge between gun owners and our government. We have scrapped the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry. We continue consult with Canadians to ensure that any future regulations do not burden gun owners even as we protect the safety of Canadians,” said Anderson.