Liberals create chaos with nationalization of Kinder Morgan

This past Tuesday, the federal Liberal government announced their intention to nationalize the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the Trans Mountain expansion. Kinder Morgan was ecstatic, for good reason.

Because of Justin Trudeau’s ham-fisted approach to this project, Kinder Morgan was put into an impossible situation. When they were offered almost 5 billion dollars of Canadian taxpayers’ money, they took it. I suspect they will take their money south, as the United States moves aggressively to become the world’s largest energy provider.

But, the 4.7 billion dollar purchase price is not even close to the cost that Canadians are going to pay. The cost of the expansion alone is now nearly 8 billion dollars and rising daily – all of this will be put on the taxpayers’ debit card.

We need to recognize that the government nationalization does nothing to limit the opposition. The opposition has shown no obligation to obey the law and is not likely to be persuaded by the fact that they now are part owners of a project they want to destroy.

Once again, this government stuck its fingers in and created chaos. It would have been so much simpler if Justin Trudeau, for once, had just said we are going to enforce the law under which Canadians live.

David Anderson, MP