Liberals celebrate 100 years of income tax with more #UnfairTaxChanges

Watch this week’s radio commentary below:

100 years ago last Thursday, the government of Canada introduced a new tax. Income tax was implemented as a temporary measure to pay off the debt from WWI. 100 years later, it’s still with us.

How did the Trudeau government celebrate this anniversary?

Well, by raising your taxes once again.

Last year, their first round of tax hikes hit middle income earners far more than the wealthy. This time, their tax hikes target small family companies.

These changes will impact farm families by making it even more difficult to turn the family farm over to their children. Small businesses will be taxed at 73 percent as they try to invest for the future. Employees’ jobs will be put at risk. It is clear that these changes will also affect health care availability for many Canadians.

And all of this is being done, not because of an international crisis, not because of a domestic crisis, but because of this government’s out of control spending.

They are determined to take the last nickel from hard working Canadians, entrepreneurs, and parents who want to pass on a small business; and from the many people who do not have fancy pension plans.

A hundred years ago, Canada’s contribution to, and involvement in, WWI became a defining time for our nation. The Trudeau Liberals’ legacy, on the other hand, will be a litany of poor financial decisions and debt for the next generation.

David Anderson, MP