Liberal #UnfairTaxChanges creating more fear and uncertainty

Watch this week’s radio commentary below:

Last week, we brought forward a motion that would have allowed Canadians to continue to have input on the infamous Liberal tax changes. We asked for the consultation to be extended so that Canadians can continue to have their say.

But as Bardish Chagger, the Liberal House Leader said, if we let this go on it will only create more fear and uncertainty, and so she forced Liberal MPs to vote against the motion.

Look, she was right. As more and more Canadians find out what the Liberals are planning, they get more and more concerned. Small businesses face tax hikes on money set aside for expansion or for employees, farmers face proposals that would make it easier to sell their farm to complete strangers than to family members, and anyone who has shared income within a small company
would face increased government scrutiny.

Liberals have gotten themselves into trouble over these suggested tax proposals. The best solution would be to admit their mistake, change direction, and learn from experience. We need you to continue to keep the pressure on so that, in the end, they do the right thing and set these proposals aside.

David Anderson, MP