Kazakh Baptists raided, fined on Easter Sunday as ‘illegal’

By World Watch Monitor

Tammar leads a church of young Uyghurs in Kazakhstan. On Easter Sunday, as 20 of them gathered, there was a sudden police raid, including members of the anti-terrorist team. All 20 had to sign a form saying they were at this ‘illegal’ meeting, and Tammar was fined $900. At first, he wouldn’t sign, but his wife Nadina advised him to. He had to borrow money to pay the fine.

A week after the raid, Tammar found a dead dog in the garden – he took it as a warning his family was being watched. The shock and stress caused a pregnant Nadina to miscarry at five months.

Police raided meetings of at least two Baptist Churches on Easter Sunday, April 16th, including in the central city of Temirtau and the southern city of Taraz.