Justin Trudeau is playing Western Canadians for fools

April 16, 2018

Justin Trudeau is playing Western Canadians for fools. His legislation, his musing about shutting down oil and gas, and his ever increasing carbon tax, make it obvious that he is not serious about getting the Kinder Morgan pipeline built.

Let’s judge him by what he does – last week as the crisis built he talked but did nothing. After the regular Cabinet meeting his Cabinet Ministers fled from the media. He took a ‘personal day’ off in the middle of the week, before flying off to South America. He eventually offered to detour to Vancouver on Sunday to discuss the issue, as he flew from Peru to Europe, on another of his international trips.

This crisis is going to grow. The BC NDP has destroyed the BC economy twice before. If residents of British Columbia want more of that, that is their prerogative. However, the rest of Western Canada should not have to suffer along with them, especially over a project that is approved, that is legal, and that would make a huge contribution to this whole country. The federal government must uphold the law and give Kinder Morgan the space they need to get this pipeline built.

David Anderson, MP