Liberals running scared from #UnfairTaxChanges

Watch this week’s radio commentary below: Here we are again, still talking about the Liberals’ newest attempt to tax Canadians. They are trying change the rules around investment income, farm transfers, and income sharing in a way ... Full Article

New Brunswick’s farmers continue to feed the world

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RADIO COMMENTARY Those of us who grew up in farming communities assume that we know quite a bit about agriculture. I thought that when I started on the Ag file years ago in Parliament. I soon found out that I knew a bit ... Full Article

Liberals Fail Canadians on Pesticide

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, ON – Following the release of a letter by the chair of the House of Commons Agriculture Committee (click here to read the letter), the Conservative Committee members are highlighting several specific concerns ... Full Article

Stronger CWB increases competition in grain sector

Deal marks final step in Marketing Freedom April 15, 2015 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Today Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced Government of Canada approval of a deal reached between CWB and G3 Global Grain ... Full Article

Improvements to Cash Advance Program for 2015

Producers to benefit from reduced red tape, ease of access, and flexible repayment options March 30, 2015 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz today highlighted major enhancements to ... Full Article

Canada’s grain supply chain returning to normal

Movement of grain by rail has improved over the past year March 28, 2015 – Ottawa – Transport Canada & Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz today announced that the ... Full Article