Iraq: Christians concerned after spate of deadly violence

By Middle East Concern

Christians in Iraq request prayer following a spate of violence in Baghdad in recent weeks in which Christians and Mandeans were attacked, leaving five dead.

On 25 February, gunmen shot 28-year-old Samir Salah-Addin Younis, a Christian father of two. On 10 March, four men entered the house of Hisham Al Maskouny, a Christian doctor, and stabbed him to death. When his wife (Dr Shaza Malik Dinno) and her mother (Khairiyah Dawood Adada) tried to assist him, they were also killed. Their house was looted. That same week, a member of the Mandean religious community was kidnapped at his shop and was later found dead, while another Mandean survived a stabbing.

On 11 March, the Ministry of Interior announced that four men had been arrested, but no further news about the cases have been made public.