India: Tamil Nadu continues to lead the way in violent attacks on Christians

By Tejaswi Ravinder | World Watch Monitor

After a year in which hate crimes against Indian Christians happened at a rate of almost one verified incident per day, the state which registered the most incidents in 2017 (over 50) – Tamil Nadu – continues to see outbreaks of violence.

In the first two months of 2018, the United Christian Forum has already counted nine incidents in the southern state, including the mysterious death of Pastor in Kanchipuram District.

Two weeks after that incident, on 4 February, a “house church” in the town of Suleeswaranpatti, in Pollachi Coimbatore District, where Christians had been gathering for 20 years, was attacked by Hindu Munnani activists. Hindu Munnani is a religious and cultural organisation based in the state, formed to defend Hinduism and protect its religious monuments.