Hockey Day: Marty McSorley a great example of what it looks like when we serve others

These weekly radio slots are often political. This one could easily be, especially after last week with Justin Trudeau, first saying that low income people don’t pay taxes; and then later in the week, when credible reports came forward about his office interfering in a criminal investigation involving Liberal friends.

But I want to touch on something much more positive. Celebrities have people demanding their attention all the time and it is a challenge to keep sharing themselves.

Hockey Day in Canada was a success in Swift Current but, for me, one event stood out – the Ability Centre’s outdoor ball hockey game. There was a great turnout and real enthusiasm in spite of the 30 below temperature. In the middle of the first game, another person joined us. He got a stick and played, scored a couple of times, celebrated with his teammates and then thanked everyone for letting him play.

Marty McSorley did not have to do all that, but what he did was about serving the clients at the Centre and not about himself. It was just another great reminder of what it looks like when we take the time to serve other people.

David Anderson, MP