Have your say on the Liberals’ proposed handgun ban

When Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau talk about gun crime, they always ignore the real issues of gangs and guns. Bill C-71 showed up, but it never even mentioned gangs or gun violence. It did re-establish the foundations for a new gun registry – with businesses bearing the costs.

Now comes a second attack on legitimate gun owners – an initiative to ban handguns and what the Liberals are calling ‘assault weapons’. We all know what a handgun is. They have been tightly controlled since the 1940s and legitimate ownership has virtually nothing to do with gangs and gang violence. The government won’t even define ‘assault weapon’. Do they mean a particular look of firearm, a specific action, a certain caliber? They don’t say. They just want to ban them.

But now you can have your say – Public Safety is allocating only one month for Canadians to comment on this issue. Anyone who uses firearms responsibly or who rejects the confiscation of their private property should participate. It is too easy for Justin’s Liberals to attack regular Canadians and their property. It’s unfortunate that they aren’t as serious about going after the real criminals.

David Anderson, MP

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