Egypt: Mob attack encouraged by police promise ‘No church will be allowed here’

By World Watch Monitor

A mob attacked a church in Minya, Egypt, on 13 July protesting against its legalisation and received a police officer’s approval, World Watch Monitor has learnt from local sources.

The only church in Ezbet Sultan Pasha village, where about 20 percent of the population is Christian, was built in September 2016. Apart from masses and prayer meetings, St. Karas the Anchorite Coptic Orthodox Church also held Sunday school classes and housed a nursery.

After a rumour spread in the majority-Muslim village that Copts had applied for the de-facto church’s legalisation, as is required by the August 2016 Law on the Organisation of the Construction of Churches, local Muslims started a demonstration in front of the church after Friday noon prayer on 6 July.