David Anderson to Host Forum on Religious Persecution in Ottawa

The poisonous problem of religious persecution is persisting day by day.  It is important that people know that this is a problematic issue and that religious freedom must be asserted boldly.  Persecution on the basis of religious choice must be exposed and eradicated.

This Parliamentary Forum on Religious Persecution on March 21, 2011 will focus on: 1) Personal testimony from the family of Neha Munir a young Pakistani girl who was raped because her family refused to change their faith.  2) A presentation from Andy Bannister, a writer and speaker who will be looking at the philosophical underpinnings of persecution.  3) There will be a panel discussion with several dynamic guest speakers from various faith groups and political persuasions.  The panelists will be reflecting on personal events that have impacted their views on religious freedom.

If you are concerned with what is going on with religious persecution in various countries around the world, and you would like to do something about it, this forum is for you.  For more information, please email anderda6@parl.gc.ca.