David Anderson – Committee Evidence FAAE 57

David Anderson
Cypress Hills—Grasslands, Saskatchewan
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development

I think we’ve seen the best and the worst of that. Some governors have come out saying they don’t need these border adjustment taxes, but COOL came out of some of the border states, and beef moves back and forth all the time. They should have had more sense, but there were some special interests that really played that issue well.

The U.S. has basically decided that they want to become energy-dominant. They’ve made a big change, I think, in their commitment to climate change and some of those things. What do you think their relationship with Saudi Arabia and some of the other oil-producing countries will be over the next while? Will there be at any point an addressing of the funding of extremism that has taken place out of a couple of the countries, and particularly Saudi Arabia, over the years? Will that play into the energy conversation, do you think?