Cow ban in India faces backlash for restricting religious freedom

By Derek Welch | World Religion News

The ban on cow-slaughter has been called for by Hindu extremists for a long time now and has finally happened under the regime of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, known for his endorsements of Hindu extremism.

The cow is considered sacred to Hindus in India because the milk of the cow is used for a variety of purposes such as making buttermilk, cheese, sweets and so on, which are also an essential part of many Hindu rituals. Besides, because cow milk is the most widely consumed type of milk in the Hindu-majority nation, it is considered to be a ‘second mother’. However, beef consumption has always been part of the country’s history, and many Hindus from the lower rungs of Hindu society have been consuming beef as a cheap source of nutrition.

The push for a ban on cow-slaughter intensified after the coming of Narendra Modi to power, who extremist Hindus consider the embodiment of everything they believe in. already different states in India, such as Maharashtra, home to Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh, the nation’s most populated state.